More Fantastic Courses will be added very soon!

If you're joining for general interest, or as a teacher/lecturer or student to complement your work and studies, as a working archaeologist or a Time Team fan,
if you are an explorer of ancient sites
or if you are looking for inspiration to see the ancient (and modern) world anew,
then these courses will be for YOU!

Join 'The Muddy Archaeologist' for thrilling explorations into ancient civilizations - their culture, art, history ...  

Get to grips with the Big Picture of the ancient civilizations in Special Bundle courses) or zoom in on the details in individual courses:

Practical Latin

LAUNCH Late July 2020: 

Gain a thrilling new skill as you learn Latin in First Steps - Getting You Started with the building blocks of Latin. A natural and fun way to learn Latin using the examples all around us - and how to decipher the inscriptions as well as phrases we use everyday.

Polish and apply your knowledge in Practical Latin II: Stepping Out where you build your grammar and ability to 'go it alone' through inscriptions, famous classical quotes and Latin hidden around us.

It is proven that learning Latin helps to stimulate the brain - keep those grey cells active in these courses that will change the way you view not just Latin but English too.

These will be available to buy as single courses 

or together as a 'Practical Latin' Special Value Bundle

Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean

Plan your personal tour of discovery of the Ancient Civilizations of the Mediterranean.    This is your chance to really understand the archaeology, sites and artefacts and, led by the Muddy Archaeologist, to discover how we can see the real people behind the glorious archaeological sites stones and artefacts.

COMING SOON: These courses will be available to buy singly or in a variety of Special Value Bundles.

Prehistoric Greece - Coming Soon: available as single courses 

or together in the Special Value Bundle 'Prehistoric Greek Civilizations'

Two Great Ancient Civilizations -  Coming Soon: available as single courses 

or together in the Value Bundle 'Phoenicians & Etruscans'

Ancient Greece - Coming Soon: available as single courses 

or in the Special Value Bundle 'Ancient Greek Civilizations'

Ancient Rome - Coming Soon:  available as single courses 

or in the Special Value Bundle 'Ancient Rome Value Bundle'

Classical Literature

Delve into Classical Literature and read the inspirational and fascinating wisdom and genius of the ancient writers.

From Homer to Athenian Drama and on to  the Roman Golden Age and beyond ...

COMING SOON: These will be available to buy singly 

or in a selection of Special Value Bundles: 

Homer & Athenian Drama available singly or in the 'Ancient Greek Literature Value Bundle'

Lucretius, Virgil & Ovid will be available singly or with Homer in a Special Value Bundle 'Greek & Roman Epic'

Ancient Life  COMING SOON: Available singly 

or as an 'Ancient Mythology & Philosophy' Special Value Bundle


Biblical History - Available as series of single courses 

or in Special Value Bundles